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Fruits Carving Class

Why should we join Impiana Fruits Carving Class in Chaweng Noi beach?

Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi, Samui located on the beachfront at Chaweng Noi beach. which is the largest and popular of Samui’s beach.

It is also usually divided into four sections: North Chaweng, Central Chaweng, South Chaweng and Chaweng Noi (Little Chaweng) which is around a headland and at the southernmost tip of Chaweng.

It also attracts many young travelers and families alike, but still remains good value for money with a great location.

Fruits carving class is the best souvenir you can bring home from Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi, Samui

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✦  History  ✦

Fruits carving and vegetables was a skill taught to women in the Thai royal palace.
One (now known to be apocryphal) legend holds that sometime before the Sukhothai era (Thai era from 1808-1824), a concubine named either Nopharmas (Thai Peerage) or Tao Srijulaluk (another name of Thai peerage) wrote a book entitled Tumrubtaosrijulaluk. The book discusses traditional Thai ceremonies, including the floating lantern festival called Prarajchapiteejoongprennaiwanpenduansibsong. Its protagonist wants to decorate a lantern more beautifully than other concubines, so she uses many kinds of flowers to decorate her lantern. Then she carved fruits into bird and swan shapes and placed them on the flower petals.
(source data: Wikipedia)



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